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for anyone who plays Ghost Recon Wildlands

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Joined: Dec 04, 2010
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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 1:07 amPost subject: No icon for anyone who plays Ghost Recon Wildlands

if you have been keeping up with the weekly challenges, this weeks event is pretty difficult to do if you have no idea what to do. which was me. i had to youtube a bunch of videos to figure out what to do. so, to make things easier for you guys, i'll just post everything here. save you the agony i went through. now, if what i read and what i watched is true, this "challenge" is something that has been in the game all along. if you've already done this, you have to do it again. anyway. for the solo challenge you need to find 5 markers to uncovering the whereabouts of "the yeti". 4 of the 5 points give locations you have to decode. the 5th, is where you find the decoder. once you find the decoder and decode the new coordinates, they allow you to mark an area which you will find the point to summon The Yeti, which you have to kill and then examine and take pictures of. BE FOREWARNED, he has an HTI and will 1shot you. i'd suggest using a character that you've completed the game with and change the setting to arcade. he will take two shots to kill you.

anyway, where to find the 5 locations, which all in inca camina. i think. you will be best using a helo for all this. all coordinates are approximate.
1) -20.5426, -65.8847 - look for a red rope on the cliff wall. there is a body. you have to get close enough to trigger the location. the body has a sign with a bunch of letters that you need the decoder for.
2) -20.6638, -65.3953 - there is a cave in the rock formation you need to enter with a bunch of dead bodies and skeletons. off to the right you'll see two guys hanging. that's your marker. to the right of them, there is a body on the floor dressed in black. you might miss it. on the wall is the code, which can be seen in either nightvision or thermal. i used thermal.
3) -20.4317, -66.3660 - this is where the decoder is. so, it could be considered the first step. but, whatever.
4) -19.3551, -66.7881 - crashed plane in the mountains. it's sounding off a message in morse code. which, needs to be decoded that gives you another set of coordinates.
5) -20.7967, -64.6311 - you will find a campsite with 3 tents and 1 random guy. just walk up to the guy. he drops a clipboard on the ground that has the final set of coordinates.

now, if you want to decode the ciphers and find the coordinates yourself, stop reading now. otherwise, i'll skip past all that and give you the point you need to summon The Yeti.
approximately, -19.7410, -66.6623 - near the stream you'll find a rock with some bloody hands prints on it. examine it, then take cover. he spawns at one of two points.

i've already done the task force challenge for those that are in it. so, you don't have to worry. but, to complete it if you are in another one, i did it by landing a helicopter on him. which, is not easy. remember, HTI. he will shoot you down in about 3 shots. so, fly low till you get close. he rolls around a little as you fly over but don't wait, just land on him. if you miss, take off immediately and try again.

you're welcome.

as far as the community challenge is concerned, DON'T try to run up to him. take the helo up close and then climb up to him.

Amat Victoria Curam

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=CSG=Forum Moderator

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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 8:23 pmPost subject: No icon Re: for anyone who plays Ghost Recon Wildlands

Thanks Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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