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Combat Strike Gamers: About Us

Combat Strike Gamers (=CSG=) is a community of friends that enjoy gaming and hanging out during after-work hours and weekends.

Our founders consist of the Combat Strike Gamers Executive Body; they have a vision of creating a community that is based on friendship, camaraderie and fair play, we continue to grow as a community and strive to adhere to this founding vision.

Combat Strike Gamers is composed of members who offer dues and form the stable foundation for our community. Through each memberís contribution, our community continues to operate our website and severs to allow a place to play our games away from HACKERS and other people who play unfair.

We are now activly reviewing applications for new membership and generally only accept Adults 18+ years. First, you will need to download Team speak 3 and join us for some games so we may have an opportunity to get to know you. If you enjoy our servers and our community then we encourage you to post your membership inquery here. Please understand it isnít important how good of a gamer you are. Noob or expert it doesnít matter. What does matter is this:

Do you play fair? ( NO HACKING) Can you follow our Code of Conduct? (Will be explained upon consideration of membership) Maturity Level (Are you respectful to others not only members?) Can we create a friendship and camaraderie? Can you be a productive member? (Show interest in becoming actively involved in community activities)

If you feel that the list above exemplifies your conduct and gaming style then we would encourage you to seek membership into our community and make it your new home for a unique friendship, camaraderie and great gaming experience..

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